Monday, June 10, 2013

What to Watch on TNT

TNT is one of my favorite channels.  I used to watch Law & Order reruns day after day until I had seen them all.  I still use TNT to catch up on older shows like The Mentalist, Bones and Castle as well as their good choice of movie options, but now we have a whole new TNT with tons of original summer shows!  Unlike some stations where I am picky with my choices, I plan to watch almost all of TNT's new dramas.  Here is a list of what is coming up and what I will be watching & blogging!

Falling Skies 6/9 - a great post alien earth apocalypse show.  This year we will rejoin the 2nd Massachusetts, a group of civilian survivors and a military regime, lead by Noah Wyle(ER) in the third season of the show.  In the last two years we watched the initial aftermath of the invasion as an alien group not only tore the world apart, but also captures children "harnessing" them to use as slave labor.  The seasons contain tons of action, ups and downs, and is sci-fi at its greatest.  Compared to other shows of its kind (mainly Defiance as the only comparable show on TV now) it soars above offering not only action and a great array of actors (Terry O'Quinn, Colin Cunningham, Matt Frewer) but also a good satire.

Major Crimes 6/10 - this spin off of the ever popular The Closer, delivers.  With Kyra Sedgwick gone, the rest of the Los Angeles Major Crimes Unit continues to close cases.  It stays true to its big brother show, however it does lack the quirky main character and replaces it with the once hated overseer. But lets not forget that when Sedgwick entered the cast as an outsider from Georgia, in the big city with a high post that many believed she wasn't deserving of was how The Closer was born.  It's kinda like TNT hit reset and we start again.  If your into crime dramas, this is a pretty good one.

King & Maxwell 6/10 - another crime drama and TNT loves to just put two names together with an ampersand instead of creating a good title...but I won't hold that against them.  With Jon Tenney (Brenda's husband from The Closer), this show is about two private detectives and their escapades.  It premiers soon, so I am yet to have an opinion but I will say this - It doesn't look bad. : )

Rizzoli & Isles 6/25 - another crime drama about a homicide detective and her best friend the medical examiner set in Boston.  I have to admit that I wasn't a fan of the show in the beginning.  I am not really into the 2 girls and their issues, it seemed a little Sex in the City to me.  But after nothing was on except a marathon of the show, I got into it.  I am all about the crime TV...probably my forte, and the character Rizzoli is the polar opposite of Isles - tomboy vs. fashionista.  It is a decent watch and the kind of show where it is okay to miss an episode because there isn't much long-term storyline stuff going on (other than the brothers ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and is it really his kid or not crap that I could care less about). Depending on your taste you may love it or hate it, but for me it rates so-so; I'll watch it, but I won't be waiting in anticipation for the next episode.

Perception 6/25 - another crime drama but this one come with a twist, and I love a twist! Quirky schizophrenic professor helps young FBI agent solve crimes, but we never really know what is real and what is created by the mind.  I have to say that when the previews for this show started I had mixed feelings, I was hoping for A Beautiful Mind comes to television and I knew that was too much to ask and I was inevitably going to be disappointed.  I was and I wasn't.  It wasn't as abstract and "beautiful" as I hoped, but I did get entangled in the various relationships of the show and learned a few things along the way (which I love).  I would say this is a must watch, and ranks high in TNT's list of original dramas.  

So these are the TNT summer finds you should definitely check out...and then read what I have to say about it the morning after!

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